In February 2023 i had a stroke!, and now i'm broke. Thats not what anyone wants is it ? and i can't do my normal physical job of work.

Anyway while in rehab, i started to learn about this new Ai art creation thing & decided to have a go.

I realise it’s a bit of a “love it or hate it thing” now. But it gave me something to do whilst paralysed down my left side. s

So I started by creating “art inspired by” some great artists. Apparently all artists are inspired by others, the same as musicians i suppose.

My first ones in this video are “inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat”

Obviously he didn’t do them, I did. I Just NEEDED TO MAKE THAT CLEAR

So sit back and enjoy the art and jazz, thanks for visiting, and please subscribe, as i'm broke after my stroke, thanks.

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